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Paulina is a self-taught artist who is passionate about her work, devoting a couple of hours every morning to create colorful and compelling compositions.  Paulina loves sharing her techniques and the joy and peace that comes from creating art.


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Afternoon tea

Tea with Friends - acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford "When tea becomes a ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things." - Muriel Barbery Afternoon tea is a light meal consumed in the late afternoon or early evening; it typically consists of bread, cakes, butter, jam, and sometimes cold cuts and cheese, all of these drank with copious amounts of tea. A tea meal is associated with the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries; however, having afternoon tea is widely spread throughout the world. Growing up in Chile, afternoon tea was a sacred ritual and the most important meal of the day in my home; tea was served at around five pm when the childre

The Scream of 2020

The Scream of 2020 - Acrylic painting on canvas by Paulina Ponsford "One evening I was walking along a path, the city was on one side and the fjord below. I felt tired and ill. I stopped and looked out over the fjord—the sun was setting, and the clouds turning blood red. I sensed a scream passing through nature; it seemed to me that I heard the scream." Edvard Munch, 1892. I was inspired to create The Scream of 2020 by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch's most famous painting, The Scream of Nature, completed in 1893. His painting has become an iconic image of art, portraying an agonized face that has grown to symbolize the anxiety of the human condition. Having suffered from

My first published art project!

Twilight Roses - Original acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford I am delighted and excited to share with you the fantastic news that I am a published artist! A few months ago, the prestigious online art magazine Pixelated Palette, based in the USA, contacted me to see if I could create a project for their magazine and become one of their contributing artists. Of course, I said yes, and created this dreamy composition that I named Twilight Roses. Pixelated Palette requested a project for their June issue; this is why I decided to paint roses—the flower of June. I also added a beautiful hummingbird considered the jeweled messengers of nature. Becoming a published artist is quite an accomplis



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Alberta, Canada

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