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My first published art project!

Twilight Roses - Original acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford

I am delighted and excited to share with you the fantastic news that I am a published artist!

A few months ago, the prestigious online art magazine Pixelated Palette, based in the USA, contacted me to see if I could create a project for their magazine and become one of their contributing artists. Of course, I said yes, and created this dreamy composition that I named Twilight Roses. Pixelated Palette requested a project for their June issue; this is why I decided to paint roses—the flower of June. I also added a beautiful hummingbird considered the jeweled messengers of nature.

Becoming a published artist is quite an accomplishment for me since I have been painting for about two years now. As a child, I could always draw just about anything I wanted, but I never had the means to take art classes or purchase art materials. As a young adult, I painted a little bit but eventually went to work full time as an accountant. After thirty years in the Petroleum Industry in Alberta, I lost my job—among thousands of other people—due to the severe economic recession.

Those working years were a beautiful part of my life. However, I knew that it was a closed chapter, and I did not want to find another job doing the same thing. I didn't want to retire either, so I tried different avenues that lead to great opportunities, and I also met wonderful people along the way.

One happy day, a little voice in my head whispered to me, "go get some paint and start painting again," so I did. Painting became my passion, my therapy, and my joy. A couple of months after I resumed painting, I landed my first commission work—it just happened, I wasn't looking for it; this gave me some confidence, and I have never looked back since!

I now teach art classes, I have created a YouTube channel (Paulina Art), I get commission work from time to time, I have sold some of my paintings, and now my first publication as an artist has come true!

I did not choose this path; it chose me! Sometimes doing what we truly love is the only way to move forward!

Many thanks to Pixelated Palette for contacting me and being the first one to publish one of my art projects!

I leave you with my most recent YouTube video "Purple Roses"

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