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Paulina is a self-taught artist who is passionate about her work, devoting a couple of hours every morning to create colorful and compelling compositions.  Paulina loves sharing her techniques and the joy and peace that comes from creating art.


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The true meaning of Christmas

Navidad - Acrylic on canvas by Paulina Ponsford Hello my friends, today on Christmas eve, I'm going to share with you a beautiful poem written by Brian K. Walters The True Meaning of Christmas In today's day and time It's easy to lose sight, Of the true meaning of Christmas And one special night. When we go shopping, We say, "How much will it cost?" Then the true meaning of Christmas, Somehow becomes lost. Amidst the tinsel, glitter And ribbons of gold, We forget about the child, Born on a night so cold. The children look for Santa In his big, red sleigh Never thinking of the child Whose bed was made of hay. In reality, When we look into the night sky, We don't see a sleigh But a star, burni

Christmas time is here!

Good morning my friends! Christmas is just around the corner, and time is ticking to get your Christmas cards and gifts ready to go! In this blog, I want to share with you my limited edition Christmas cards, and my Christmas paintings for 2019! If you would like to order cards, or one of the paintings, please contact me. Your cards will be ready just a couple of days after your order is placed! I would like to thank everyone that has purchased my Christmas cards already, specially my friend Kristi! Here is my YouTube video explaining all about the cards and paintings. Thank you!



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Alberta, Canada

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