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Paulina is a self-taught artist who is passionate about her work, devoting a couple of hours every morning to create colorful and compelling compositions.  Paulina loves sharing her techniques and the joy and peace that comes from creating art.


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Journey Through Quarantine

Journey Through Quarantine - Acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford As I sit down in front of my blank canvas, paintbrush in hand, the idea of painting what my feelings are of the current quarantine comes to mind. For me, this quarantine is a journey; it sounds like a contradiction, of course—a journey through quarantine—but for me, it is a journey that came abruptly, and I wasn't prepared for it. I feel that I am on a journey in a strange place, where I'm not allowed to see my family or my friends. A place in which every time I go outside, I am at risk of contracting a potentially fatal virus. Everyone should wear a face mask when leaving their homes. We also practice "social distancing,



Alberta, Canada

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Alberta, Canada

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