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Paulina is a self-taught artist who is passionate about her work, devoting a couple of hours every morning to create colorful and compelling compositions.  Paulina loves sharing her techniques and the joy and peace that comes from creating art.


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Living in challenging times - Covid-19

Amidst Uncertainty - Acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford We are living in stressful, challenging times, the future is uncertain, and what we took for granted is now gone. But the truth is that life has always been this way. Life is an adventure, and adventures are exciting, but also scary and challenging. This current Covid-19 world crisis is teaching us to live one day at a time, to enjoy each moment of our lives. I am thankful every day. I have my loved ones with me, and we are all healthy. I have food and heat in my house; my pets are healthy and happy that I'm home with them. As I see it, the greatest challenge is not the Covid-19 virus itself, but how, as a society, we deal with th



Alberta, Canada

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Alberta, Canada

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