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Living in challenging times - Covid-19

Amidst Uncertainty - Acrylic painting by Paulina Ponsford

We are living in stressful, challenging times, the future is uncertain, and what we took for granted is now gone. But the truth is that life has always been this way. Life is an adventure, and adventures are exciting, but also scary and challenging.

This current Covid-19 world crisis is teaching us to live one day at a time, to enjoy each moment of our lives. I am thankful every day. I have my loved ones with me, and we are all healthy. I have food and heat in my house; my pets are healthy and happy that I'm home with them.

As I see it, the greatest challenge is not the Covid-19 virus itself, but how, as a society, we deal with the crisis. How, as an individual, we deal with it. We can make it bearable, or we can make the situation a lot worst than it needs to be.

It's essential to remain calm and informed on how the virus works, and how we can minimize the risk of becoming infected, at the same time we cannot become prey of the media and allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear.

We are all humans, and it's normal to feel fear and anxiety in extenuating circumstances, we need to validate our feelings and move on. Fear will not serve you or your loved ones. This is the time to rely on your faith, your values, and morals; this is the time to step up to the plate and be the best person you can be for your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

Purchase enough food and supplies for you and your family for a couple of weeks, but please do not clean the shelves at the food and drug stores and hoard supplies that other families need too and might have to go without because of your fear.

Accept the fact that you, or someone close to you, might become infected with the virus and how you will deal with it. Chances of dying from the virus are small, most people recover, and they will never get the virus again.

Do what you need to do to keep healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This is an excellent time to really clean your house, try new recipes, start meditating, read the pile of books that are collecting dust on your night table, take on a new hobby, or do some volunteer work to help others.

Don't spread fear by sending negative or speculative information about the virus situation. Follow the advice of the government and stay home if you can. Call your loved ones regularly and keep in touch.

This crisis hopefully will bring the citizens of the world together; we are all the same regardless of our age, gender, or the color of our skin. We all want safety, health, love, and life.

This world crisis will pass too; the sun will shine again; in the meantime, let's be good and kind to one another.

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